I am an interdisciplinary artist doing a PhD in Art and Creative Computing.
My focus of research is sensational experience with code, its aliveness and loop of repetitions that shape the sense of "us".  

I am drawing influence from the on-flow of everyday experience through observing the environment and recognising patterns of embodied movements and unexceptional interactions. 
This approach is rooted in philosophical practices of non-representational theory, that the world cannot be theorised through examining our perceptual mind, but in mere experimentation and motivated on a sentiment.
Everyday routines and encounters escape the logical meaning of the representational world, and through my art practice, I am trying to establish a habit of uncovering meanings and values of processual experience waiting for them to be rediscovered. 

The central focus of my work is to question our position in the interpretation of art and expand our understanding and our perceptions of the world by rejecting traditional ideas of the human form. I'm position technology as a centre of knowing rather than putting technology in a position of "

I work with natural language processing technology, recurrent neural networks, performance and AI-generated poetry.  
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